What is Articulus?

Articulus is a Google Chrome extension that improves
the readability of online articles.

... In plain English, Articulus makes reading online easier!

What does it mean to have the
"freadom to easily read 'em"?

For students with reading or learning disabilities, reading online articles
can often be challenging because of online distractions and difficult words.
Articulus was created to give these students (and other readers)
the freedom to easily read the articles they want.

Webpage Readability Adjustments

Articulus will adjust webpages by finding difficult words above the user's set reading level and replacing them with "easier" synonyms, making webpages less challenging to read.

Customizable User Options

Articulus offers complete customization of the user interface,
allowing teacahers and administrators the ability to control what
how students interact with Articulus.

Customizable webpage viewing

Among the many features Articulus offers, one of its most prominent features is its ability to allow users to customize how they view online articles. This includes highlighting, removing distracting ads and pictures, and controlling the font size of online webpages. To learn more about additional features Articulus offers, visit the About page.

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